"One of the best guys I've worked with. With the busy schedule that he has, he made sure all my parts were here in time and made sure my car was installed correctly. He has called me numerous times to make sure I have installed the parts. Great shop, great vendor, and a very honest person."


17 GTR

"Joe knows every procedure, bolt and nuance of the GT-R and his experience in modifications came with a pile of awesome builds to back him up. Given my previous experiences with him, his GT-R background, experience and business, gave me the confidence to attempt some bigger upgrades and trust he would help walk me through it."



"Joe offered top of the line concierge service all of the way, and I was never nervous for a second that he had my car as he sent updates and pictures frequently and I could tell he was actually excited to be doing the work. It just doesn’t get better than that. When Joe brought my car by to drop it off after everything was finished, he took me for a ride and I was simply blown away. It was like an entirely different machine than the one I had parted with just a few days earlier. I couldn’t get the smile off my face. I actually texted him the next day and told him I was worried I was breaking it as it just shouldn’t be this fast."



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