Speed Density is a must for those high powered GTRs or anyone that wants to vent to atmosphere blow off values.

When calibrated properly there is no sacrifice in drive ability, your car will drive just like stock. But to properly calculate SD Based fueling you'll need to move the air intake temperature sensor from you pre-intercooler location to a post-intercooler location.

Installing this kit does just that, moves the intake air temperature sensor from the factory MAF Housing to the Upper intercooler upper pipe.

  • 100% PLUG AND PLAY

  • Easy to install

  • Custom tuning required


Speed Density (Kit A)

Perfect for those who plan on installing MAF-LESS Intake Pipes

  • Completely Plug & Play
  • Replacement Charge Pipe Map Sensor with integrated air intake temp sensor

Visconti GTR Speed Density Kit (kit a)

SKU: br-viscspdden-a