What does Visconti Tuning's Custom Flex Fuel Tuning + this Flex Fuel kit do?

1. Change Cold Start Cranking Compensation based on ethanol content
2. Change Maximum Target Boost based on ethanol content.
3. Change Ignition timing based on ethanol content
4. Change target A/F based on ethanol content
5. Change Cam Timing based on ethanol content
6. Change Fuel Economy Gauge reading based on ethanol content.

It's easy enough for most to install themselves, and is really 'Plug & Play'.

The kit utilizes a Zeitronix Ethanol Content Analyzer and super slim GM Ethanol Content Sensor.

The Ethanol Content sensor mounts on the firewall and is connected to your fuel system by two black stainless PTFE fuel lines.

Our new CNC Billet Fuel Line adapter attaches to the back of your fuel rail by two 10mm bolts.

Everything plugs directly into the secondary air pump plug which is located next to the battery.

Visconti Flex Fuel Kit

SKU: br-flexfuel