Our TSM Pro Eight Turbos are the heart of our TSM Pro Eight Package. These are designed for the GT-R owner who would like a turbo upgrade they can use now that can still be used down the road to achieve up to 850 whp. These turbos will make 650-700 whp on 93 octane while retaining the factory internals and transmission. This is a perfect fit for someone who wants a noticeable increase in power over the OEM turbos without sacrificing response. The result is a great driving, safe, and fast street car that has leaves room to grow.


-Clean Compressor Housings
-ALL hardware needed for install
-Heat coated manifolds
-Included TSM Wastegate Actuators
-SYNCED Wastegates
-All Exhaust studs checked for perfect threads and not broken
-No cracks in either housing
-Pre-Oiled cartridge for safe startup
-Vacuum sealed packaging to insure no debris gets in the turbos


***Good core exchange required***

TSM Pro Eight Turbo Upgrade Nissan R35 GT-R

SKU: br-TSMNIS4008