From Guy:


It all started so innocently…


My wife was out with a friend and when she got home she mentioned her friend asked “Isn’t it time for him to get a new car?” – as they looked at my ’13 GTR Premium Edition nestled away in the garage.


I reminded my wife that I loved my car and there just wasn’t anything else I wanted unless I could get my hands on a Nismo.  She asked why I hadn’t done that.  I commented that they are hard to come by and I am not going to pay a premium.  I grabbed my phone and did a quick search to show her and to my surprise there was one sitting on a showroom floor nearby.

My wife said we needed to go check it out right away.  Who am I to argue?  Moments like these have to be captured!


A couple hours later and I had negotiated the deal I wanted and was driving home as one happy camper!  I certainly didn’t wake up expecting that chain of events.


I knew I needed to get paint protection because I kicked myself for chips in my ’13.  I went to see the guys at Echelon Autosports as I had seen their wrap work and it was top notch so I new they would do a bang up job on a clear bra.  They share space with Scottsdale Auto Vault.  While they were working on paint protection the Vault team began bending my ear about potential mods.  I had never even considered modifying prior to this conversation.


It really got me thinking and within a couple of days I stumbled across  One of the first things I read was a build thread on a Midnight Opal 1000+WHP Daily Driver that a member had recently done.  My car is a daily driver so the message really resonated with me.  While I wasn’t looking to go that extreme, I chatted with the owner to learn more about their experience.


And this is how I got introduced to Joe Bach of Bach Racing.  Joe had done the work on the vehicle mentioned in the thread and as I began to explore I found he had a whole lot of other really satisfied customers.


I called Joe and we chatted for quite a while as he educated me.  He was genuinely excited just to talk to me about his passion for GTR’s.  He let me know that even if I didn’t want any modifications now he was the guy to go to for maintenance.  I took him up on that for my 1K service.  We exchanged some text messages regarding some FBO options leading up to that maintenance.  Once I met him to drop my car off for maintenance I got an instant feeling that this is a guy I could trust.  I left my car with him for the day and told him just to keep it until he could complete all of the work we had chatted about via text.  I also asked if he could facilitate getting my calipers painted while he was at it.  He agreed he could make it all happen.


Joe offered top of the line concierge service all of the way and I was never nervous for a second that he had my car as he sent updates and pictures frequently and I could tell he was actually excited to be doing the work.  It just doesn’t get better than that.


When Joe brought my car by to drop it off after everything was finished, he took me for a ride and I was simply blown away.  It was like an entirely different machine than he one I had parted with just a few days earlier.  I couldn’t get the smile off my face.  I actually texted him the next day and told him I was worried I was breaking it as it just shouldn’t be this fast.

The car is just 45 days old as I write this and I went from not planning on doing a thing to meeting some great people and having a whole lot of unexpected fun.  I couldn’t be happier.


Work done to date:


  • Mines GTR Center Caps

  • Speed for Life LED side markers

  • Painted calipers

  • Full front paint protection

  • Carkit Remote Start

  • Cobb Accessport

  • DW65c Fuel Pumps

  • Flex Fuel Kit

  • SBD 3” intakes

  • ID 1300 Injectors

  • AMS down pipes

  • HDS resonated mid pipe

  • Had Nismo Titanium rear exhaust so left that alone

  • Custom tune to get the most out of everything from Joe Bach and Tim Bailey


Guy's FBO 2016 NISMO